About Zoë

Zoë Bentley is (as of October 2015) a 19 year old University of Arizona undergraduate Honor student majoring in Geosciences with an emphasis in Geophysics, minoring in Planetary Science and Mathematics. Previous to college, Zoë grew up as a Radical Unschooler (homeschooler who didn’t use a curriculum).

Zoë’s Exogeology ROCKS! project is a passion project that she has been contributing to since she was 13. It started as a NASA/USA Today STEM competition project. In her endeavors to learn about the world (specifically the geology), she has a mission to visit all 50 U.S. states and all continents. She’s been to 48 states so far, and only 2 continents. She has not been to either Alaska or Hawaii, although she really wants to soon!

Zoë has spoken at a variety of conferences across the U.S., is a co-author the YA novel Fractured Fate, and has been active in Toastmasters for several years. While not currently seeking speaking engagements, she can be available to speak at specific events. She is also open to visiting more NASA facilities to tour and film trivia clues and interviews at. If you have a location for her to create a Zoe’s Geo Party! category about, please contact her through the contact form.

Zoë’s goals are to work for NASA as an exogeologist, deciphering geologic data, and to work for Jeopardy! on the Clue Crew, traveling around the world filming video clues. She is currently working toward both of those goals by running the Exogeology ROCKS! website and making the Zoe’s Geo Party! trivia game. Some day she hopes to be a true ambassador for science by hosting her own science-based television show.