About This Site

Exogeology.info has been created as a NASA No Boundaries project by Zoë Bentley, a homeschooler and Sahuaro Girl Scout from Arizona. No Boundaries is a contest developed by NASA and USA TODAY Education. Participants learn about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math and about NASA. Zoë Bentley is entering this website into the No Boundaries contest. Click on the link above to find out more about No Boundaries.

Hi, I’m Zoë. I’m very interested in exogeology. I hope to become an exogeologist and get data from Mars rovers. I love rocks and geology, as well as astronomy, so this is a great topic to research! I also like reading and writing about different science related topics, including time travel and geology. I really enjoyed putting together this website.

Exogeology ROCKS! is a website, video, and blog project. Exogeology is the study of geology on other planets. I chose exogeology because I’ve always been interested in geology and astronomy, and exogeology combines both of those! That rocks! My website has tons of information on geology, astronomy, and exogeology.

The website, www.exogeologyrocks.com, is about exogeology. It features pages like: What is Exogeology?, Exogeology ROCKS! Episodes/ Meet Real Exogeologists, a Games and Puzzles page (all the puzzles are made by me), a Photo Gallery complete with descriptions, Petra’s Blog, How to Become an Exogeologist, a Resources page full of links, and a Contact Page.

The Exogeology ROCKS! Episodes/ Meet Real Exogeologists page has a video made by me about exogeology, including an interview with a real exogeologist, Dr. Larry Lebofsky, who I interviewed. I wrote up questions for the interview, filmed the interview, filmed an introduction, recorded voiceover clips, and edited all of that to make my movie: Exogeology ROCKS!

Petra’s Blog is a blog written by the fictional character, Petra Stone. Petra is an exogeologist who loves finding new discoveries on other planets, and specializes on Mars. Her blog posts are written by me, and they incorporate real exogeology information that I’ve researched including what exogeologists do on a day-to-day basis, as well as a bit of myself. Petra’s love of exogeology and her enthusiasm come from my own personality, but I write as Petra so that I can write about scientific discoveries in first person. Discoveries and accomplishments which she’s made really happened, but they were all done by real exogeologists. I hope you enjoy reading her blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!

I wrote all the pages on exogeology.info, which was a lot of work but I think it was worth the effort to make a complete website that really ROCKS! I wrote crossword clues, and found NASA photographs to use in the jigsaw puzzles and photo gallery. There are some awesome pictures in the gallery, and descriptions for each of them so you can see some examples of different rocks, formations, space probes, and telescopes. If you liked the website and want to become an exogeologist, I’ve written a “How to Become an Exogeologist” page so you can do just that.

I hope to inform, enlighten, and entertain you here and I always accept feedback. I’d like to inspire anyone and everyone who visits this website to learn more about exogeology. I want this to be the number one source about exogeology, otherwise known as planetary geology, in the Universe! :)

All unmarked photographs on this site were taken by me, Zoë Bentley. All additional photographs are part of the public domain, and marked accordingly. The above photograph has a NASA Helix Nebula photograph as the background with a green screened photograph of myself (planned and edited by me, taken by my mother). The background image, banner, and favicon for this entire site are original creations by me, Zoë Bentley.