Exogeology ROCKS! Episodes

After stumbling upon exogeology as a career choice, it became clear to me that not many people even know what exogeology is. I made this movie to help explain a bit about this extremely fascinating field.

I wanted to show how cool it is to be an exogeologist. I also wanted to talk to some in person in order to hear all about their jobs, their backgrounds, and their interests. If you work in the exogeology field (or related fields of astronomy or geology), please contact me to be interviewed. I would love to talk with you and interview you for future episodes. I also welcome comments and suggestions!

Check out  Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 1:

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Check out Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 1, Bonus Track on Pluto:

Episode 2: Dr. Joy Crisp, planetary geologist for NASA/JPL

Episode 2, Part 2

Episode 3: Dr. Pan Conrad, astrobiologist for NASA/JPL

Episode 3, Part 2

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 6 Bonus Track

Episode 7

Episode 7 Bonus Track

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10