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Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 12

Posted by Zoe on 29th November 2014 in Main Page

In this episode, we meet Dr. Dante Lauretta, Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Arizona and Principal Investigator for the OSIRIS-REx mission.

I’ve talked about the OSIRIS-REx mission before, and it’s one of the coolest things going on in exogeology: they’re going to send a spacecraft to an asteroid and bring back a piece. Wonder what it’s like to be in charge of all of that? Watch the video below to find out!

For more information, check out the OSIRIS-REx website, Xtronaut’s website, and the 321Science! videos.

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 11

Posted by Zoe on 2nd July 2014 in Exogeology, Main Page

In this episode of Exogeology ROCKS! I get to answer a few viewer questions:
How are planets made?
Are there gemstones on other planets?
Where is the closest black hole?

Good questions! Here are my best answers.

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 10

Posted by Zoe on 19th June 2013 in Exogeology, Main Page

In Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 10, we talk with Dr. Rosaly Lopes, a planetary scientist at JPL. She tells us all about volcanoes on Io, cryovolcanism on icy moons like Enceladus, and her travels to Earth volcanoes. I liked hearing about how you should do what you love, and how as a scientist, you always have to keep learning. Her story about catching a gigantic volcanic eruption on Io during the Galileo mission is really interesting. Watch it all here:

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 9

Posted by Zoe on 11th June 2013 in Main Page

Last month, I went to the last couple days of Spacefest, where I got to hear lots of interesting people speak and even got to interview a couple of people. Today, we meet Emily Lakdawalla, the Senior Editor and Planetary Evangelist for the Planetary Society. In this episode of Exogeology ROCKS!, we talk about where we should explore next in the solar system, landing on Titan, why communication is a useful skill, and much more. I liked hearing about how you have to be creative to be a geologist. Watch the episode below!

Episode 7 Bonus Track

Posted by Zoe on 30th May 2013 in Main Page

You’ve just met Dr. Britney Schmidt, an astrobiologist, in Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 7. Now, hear from her about plans for a spacecraft to go to Europa and what might be found there.

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 8

Posted by Zoe on 24th May 2013 in Main Page

In Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 8, host Zoe Bentley meets SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory air quality program manager Kirk Stoddard. They discuss behind-the-scenes work at SLAC, the most powerful known greenhouse gas, and an unusual fossil creature. Plus, I like the hilarious story about ten minutes in!

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 7

Posted by Zoe on 22nd May 2013 in Exogeology, Main Page

In Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 7, host Zoe Bentley meets astrobiologist Dr. Britney Schmidt, who talks to us about her travels in Antarctica, why ice is fascinating, and how all of that relates to Europa. Can life survive under an ice sheet? What funny things happened in Antarctica? Find out all of this in the latest episode of Exogeology ROCKS!

Bonus Track for Episode 6!

Posted by Zoe on 20th May 2013 in Exogeology, Main Page

Last year you met SETI planetary geologist Dr. Cynthia Phillips in Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 6. Now, we’ve got a little bonus to go along with the episode: we get to hear from her why Europa rocks, what it’s made of, and why we should go explore it. Dr. Cynthia Phillips really gets into this little world, and you’ll see why.

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 6

Posted by Zoe on 17th October 2012 in Main Page

Woo-hoo! I’ve just finished the sixth installment in the Exogeology ROCKS! video series. The first five can be seen here.

In Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 6, we meet Dr. Cynthia Phillips, a planetary geologist for the SETI Institute. She tells us about some interesting worlds in our solar system including Europa, Io, and Mars, how to use images to study them, and much more. I particularly like her stories about her funniest and most exciting experiences as a planetary geologist.

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 5

Posted by Zoe on 15th April 2012 in Main Page

I’m pleased to announce the fifth episode of Exogeology ROCKS! In this episode, we hear from Professor Geoff Marcy, Professor of Astrophysics at University of California, Berkeley. Professor Marcy tells us about the search for exoplanets—planets which orbit around other stars.

How are exoplanets found? Are there other Earth-like planets? Could there be aliens on them? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 5.

You can watch the previous four episodes here.

Trick-or-Treat, Here’s a Treat For You!

Posted by Zoe on 31st October 2010 in Exogeology, Main Page
Zoë and Mark Kelly

Zoë Bentley and astronaut Mark Kelly

Happy Halloween! Guess what’s finally finished? Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 4. It’s been a long time in the works, but I’ve completed the fourth episode of my Exogeology ROCKS! series. Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 4 features an interview with Captain Mark Kelly, mission commander of STS-134, the last scheduled space shuttle mission. For the first time ever, I’ve uploaded the full episode of Exogeology ROCKS! in one piece.

Watch Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 4 here.

Check out the other episodes here, they ROCK!

Have a ROCKIN’ Halloween!

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 2

Posted by Zoe on 5th August 2010 in Main Page

Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 2 is finally finished! This is the second episode of my Exogeology ROCKS! series. In Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 2, I interview Joy Crisp, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It sure ROCKED going to JPL and meeting a real exogeologist!

You can see Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 2 here on my website, in the Exogeology ROCKS! Episodes/ Meet Real Exogeologists section.

Parts one and two also on YouTube. You can see part one here and part two here.

Don’t forget to watch Exogeology ROCKS! Episode 1 and its bonus track!

Keep checking up on Exogeology ROCKS! and be on the lookout for Episode 3. I’m Zoë Bentley and Exogeology ROCKS!