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Response to Final Geo Party! of Game 2

Posted by Zoe on 29th October 2013 in Geo Party, Main Page

Yesterday, we gave you the final Geo Party clue of the game, and now, here is the reveal.

With that, Game 2 of Zoe’s Geo Party! is officially over. Thank you for playing! I hope to see you back here next time Geo Party! starts up again.

You can still go back and play all the old clues! Click here to watch all of games one and two.

Final Geo Party! of Game 2

Posted by Zoe on 28th October 2013 in Geo Party, Main Page

This is it, the very last clue of the whole second game. If you’ve been paying abnormally good attention, you’ll have noticed this is clue number 61. It’s hard to believe the game is nearly over already. We’ve been to so many cool places! But, alas, there has to be an end to this game. Tomorrow will mark the official end of game 2, when we reveal the correct response to today’s final clue.

The category: Musical Groups. Drumroll please!

(Note that the music in the background isn’t necessarily by the band that’s the correct response.)

Click here to watch game one and ALL 60 previous clues of the current game. (And maybe even a third game in the future.)

Geo Party! Anagrams Clue 4

Posted by Zoe on 3rd October 2013 in Geo Party

It’s the only answer, it’s not the only answer, but it’s a little glowing answer, but really it’s not actually the answer, but it is…

Click here to watch a genome and the rest of gem tune charter. Sorry, I meant game one and the rest of the current game.